How to Sell NFT Art to Maximize Your Profits?

After reading about NFTs, the price that they are bought and sold on, and the number of zeroes after their price, you must be thinking, how? How did they crack that? It’s just digital art, who would buy it for millions of dollars? How to sell NFT art so good that i can crack that?

Don’t worry, you’ve clicked on the perfect link, we’ve got the information you are looking for.

In this article we’ll explain how you maximize the profits from your NFTs, to sell NFTs in a way that you get the returns that you are aspiring for when you get into the NFT business.

How to sell your NFTs and cash on the gains? 

First and foremost, make sure you produce art that is completely unique and never thought of before, this increases the value of your art automatically. But what is the next step after you create a unique piece of art? How do you reach out to this market that is waiting for you to make a good amount of revenue?

The following are a few steps that you can take to sell your NFTs and maximize your profits.

  1. Create a pocket for that money

By this, I mean that you have to create a crypto wallet before you drop your NFTs in any marketplace.  Just like a wallet to keep your cash in during physical transactions, you need a wallet for your crypto transactions.

One essential feature of crypto wallets is that marketplaces support different kinds of wallets so you have various options to select from. There are four different kinds of wallets that you can select from- web wallet which is hosted by an exchange, mobile wallet which you can install on your phone or tablet, desktop wallets which you can set up on your PC or desktop and lastly, hardware wallet which is a physical device which will give your access to your cryptos offline.

If you are a beginner you should start a wallet with Ethereum which is the most common blockchain technology that is used by people.

The other is that this is where your cryptocurrency will be saved after you start making transactions in the crypto world. Therefore, this is the first step to knowing how to sell nft art and storing your revenue when you enter into the NFT world.

  1. Look before you jump

Research the market that you are entering. You should know the trends that are going on, the audience that you want to target, and what have the other successful artists been up to.  When you understand what your target audience wants, it will help you curate content that the audience would be attracted to and this will ultimately increase your profits. This will also help you set a realistic standard for the pricing of your NFTs along with the strategies that you will develop on how to sell NFT art.

This is a very essential step since the crypto world is a risky one to step into as a beginner but if you get your facts right, you crack the code.

  1.  Make the right choice

Another essential step is choosing the correct marketplace for your NFTs. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider for the same. Along with that, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. Some of the popular markets are:-

    • OpenSea- This is the most popular marketplace in the NFT world. It offers free sign-up for new users which is a feature not all marketplaces provide. Whether you are a big artist or a beginner in the field, OpenSea does not restrict you.
    • Rarible- It is one of the most cost-effective and reliable marketplaces in the NFT world. The sellers here receive a verified badge and therefore, the buyers are saved from any scams. It also provides the users with the feature of lazy minting.
    • SuperRare- This marketplace has an interesting concept providing a large range of artists to the buyers. SuperRare is kind of a social media for artists where they can collaborate, create together, and sell together. The safety of these online meetups is ensured by blockchain technology.

The various factors that you can consider before selecting a marketplace are the reputation of the platform, the gas fees, the reach of the platform for your target audience, and the user base.

  1. Give it away but at the right price

This one question must have been coming to your mind ever since you saw the big sale of NFTs in the crypto market, i.e., how to sell NFT art at such a great price? And how do you decide that?  Pricing your NFTs is an essential step in how to sell your NFTs right. You can look into various factors before pricing your NFTs, these factors include checking on the uniqueness, quality, and market demand for your digital assets. You can reach for the highest of prices but staying low for a while and giving your users a reasonable yet competitive price is equally important. This will help you attract more potential buyers and ultimately maximize your profits.

  1. A social media (NFT) star

To increase the visibility of your NFT art, start maintaining a strong online presence. Make good use of the social media platforms that are available to you. Enhance your website. Also, start developing an online portfolio for your NFTs. Stuart engage with your NFT community online, people who can be included in your target audience, and participate in relevant discussions so that you can get through to more and more people online. When you make your online presence stronger, you increase your target audience, you make more and more people interested in your art and you crack the code of how to sell NFT art efficiently.

Wrapping it Up (Conclusion) 

In this article, we talked about how to sell NFT art and gain maximum profit. There are some other ways as well in which you can learn how to sell NFT art at a good profit and these are- Implementing effective marketing strategies, engaging with your community, etc.

People Also Ask

  1. How much does it cost to sell an NFT?

Generally, when you sell an NFT, you have to pay a gas fee which the marketplaces take from you for using their facility. But nowadays, the most popular marketplaces do not do this instead they take a percentage of your sales which is mostly 2.5%.

  1. How hard is it to sell an NFT?

Mostly, the people who create NFTs are digital artists or social creatives so it maybe difficult for you to sell one if you are not one of them. But you’ve got the right audience and a good marketing strategy you can easily sell your NFTs.

  1. Can I sell my NFT directly?

NFTs can be transferred or sold through different platforms once they are minced. It usually goes like this- you connect your wallet to a marketplace, list your NFTs there, and then complete the transaction when a buyer buys the product.

  1. How to convert NFT to cash?

For this follow these steps- transfer your cryptocurrency to an exchange, sell it for fiat currency, and in the end withdraw cash from your bank account.

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