Investment Insights: Evaluating BlockDAG's Path to $10 by 2025 in the Wake of Avalanche Bull Run and Fantom Blockchain Expansion

The Avalanche bull run has experienced a 40% growth over the last 2 months, supported by strong community backing, while Speedy sets a new standard in blockchain performance.

BlockDAG has reached stage 9, amassing an impressive $18.5 million in its ongoing presale. Following the release of DAGpaper and a notable appearance on the Las Vegas Sphere, BlockDAG now aims for the extraordinary with a teaser for a keynote video on the moon. With a clear roadmap, including a 6-month mainnet launch and an ambitious goal to achieve $600 million in 2024, analysts foresee a high return potential of 30,000x for BlockDAG, positioning it as the most popular crypto in the scene.

Avalanche Bull Run Aims to Surpass Ethereum

Avalanche, a Layer 1 blockchain, is positioned to outshine Ethereum as the premier platform for smart contracts, especially during the current Avalanche bull run. Its key advantage over Ethereum lies in its higher transaction throughput without compromising scalability, achieved through a unique architecture addressing the blockchain trilemma.

Avalanche’s innovative approach and dApp-focused ecosystem have propelled its native token, AVAX, to prominence amid the ongoing bull run. With a remarkable 40% growth in the past two months and robust community support, Avalanche is poised for significant growth post-halving. Market analysts foresee the AVAX price surpassing $100 by year-end.

Innovative Initiative: Speedy Launches on Fantom Blockchain

Utilising advanced blockchain technology, Speedy emerges as an innovative initiative launched by The GOAT Foundation, the first meme-centric foundation on Web3. This development introduces Speedy on the Fantom blockchain, which is known for its efficient capabilities and rapid transaction speeds.

Recognised globally for his agility, Speedy aptly represents his new digital platform. Operating on the Fantom blockchain, Speedy showcases the combination of swift transaction processing with robust security features. Fantom’s technology is designed to improve transaction efficiency and innovate how businesses exchange value and engage with digital environments.

BlockDAG Pioneers Evolution in Cryptocurrency with V2 DAGpaper and Presale Success

BlockDAG has generated buzz within the crypto community by unveiling its V2 technical whitepaper. This document delineates its vision and value proposition, encompassing its innovative blockchain-DAG architecture, a user-friendly low-code/no-code platform for smart contract creation, and its integration with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Functioning as a Layer 1 proof of work consensus mechanism, BlockDAG represents an evolutionary step in cryptocurrency, built upon Bitcoin and Kaspa’s foundational principles. It emerges as a pioneering solution, adeptly amalgamating the strengths of both blockchain and DAG architectures. By leveraging blockchains’ robust security and decentralisation while incorporating DAG’s efficient, scalable transaction processing, BlockDAG seeks to revolutionise the crypto landscape.

The BDAG website now features a dedicated dev releases page, providing the community with the latest developments and news regarding the BlockDAG network. This new addition aims to foster greater community engagement by offering an in-depth glimpse into the ongoing progress and prospects of the project in real time.

In Batch 9, priced at $0.005, BlockDAG has made a significant mark on the cryptocurrency landscape. Its ongoing presale has surpassed $18.5 million, with over 7.7 billion coins sold. This remarkable achievement underscores BlockDAG’s growing prominence and highlights it as the most popular crypto.


As the Avalanche bull run sets its sights on surpassing Ethereum, Speedy stands ready to catalyse cultural shifts and mark a significant technological milestone within the Fantom ecosystem. Meanwhile, BlockDAG emerges as the standout performer in its presale phase.

The teaser for BlockDAG’s keynote video on the moon signals its dedication and forward-thinking initiatives. This remarkable achievement underscores the unwavering confidence and support from early investors. In Batch 9, BlockDAG has amassed over $18.5 million in funding and sold 7.7 billion coins during its presale. These impressive metrics firmly establish it as the most popular crypto for 2024.

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