ChainGPT Unveils $1M Grant Scheme for Startups Supercharging Web3-AI Innovation

Selected participants in the initiative will gain access to ChainGPT’s suite of AI-powered blockchain tools, including its APIs and SDKs, enabling streamlined development and scalability

ChainGPT, the AI-powered Web3 infrastructure providing a diverse suite of tools and services, announces the launch of a grant program to help facilitate innovation at the crossroads of AI and blockchain. With a total of up to $1 million in grants available for startups across different development stages, ChainGPT will offer three tiers of funding: Scaling-focused growth grants, builder grants to kickstart early-stage innovation, and research grants for newly launched projects. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin recently wrote about possible synergies between AI and blockchain, concluding that he looks forward to “seeing more attempts at constructive use cases of AI in all these areas, so we can see which of them are truly viable at scale.” While this sentiment is widely agreed upon among Web3 builders, AI’s centralized nature creates friction with blockchain and Web3’s core ethos. Overcoming this and other obstacles disrupting collaboration between the technologies requires honing in on R&D as well as promoting industry dialogue and education.

Establishing the grant program aligns with ChainGPT’s core mission to enhance the blockchain space with AI-powered solutions and support Web3 developers building AI technologies designed for blockchain. The program’s chief objective is to remove entry barriers for startups—providing them with the necessary resources to allow innovation to flourish by empowering them with AI technologies tailored to blockchain applications.

A core feature of the grant program is the access it opens to the ChainGPT ecosystem, including its wide array of AI-powered tools for blockchain. Among these are ChainGPT’s APIs and SDKs, which provide startups with a robust toolkit to build AI-powered applications, tools, and products. Whether a startup is looking for a plug-and-play solution via an API or a more tailored approach using the SDK, ChainGPT’s technical infrastructure enables participants to benefit from advancements in AI.

Startups can apply for the grants program through an online application. ChainGPT’s team will assess each startup’s eligibility, potential impact, and overall fit before an interview portion and final decision. Startups can apply for a maximum grant of $50 thousand, with ChainGPT providing $1 million in total grants to be distributed in USDT and credit for its suite of products.

With numerous applications already submitted, some early featured projects to have been awarded grants from ChainGPT’s include:

Kryptomon: A popular Web3 game from Pink Moon Studios that enables users, known as trainers, to collect, breed, and trade unique creatures within the Kryptomon universe.

GT Protocol: A Web3 AI execution protocol connecting users with access to DeFi, CeFi, and NFT markets through an all-in-one conversational AI interface.

Cookie3: A Web3 marketing analytics platform enabling organizations to grow their audiences faster by optimizing their marketing performance using the latest data analytics and insights.

AITECH: Powered by Solidus, AITECH is the world’s first deflationary AI token, serving as a payment gateway for licensing AI and blockchain solutions.

ChainGPT is a pioneer in the field of blockchain AI infrastructure, offering a wide range of tools and services including a smart contract generator and auditor, advanced AI trading, an NFT generator, an AI-powered security extension, and SDK and API access for developers and organizations to integrate ChainGPT. The ChainGPT Pad supports the entire ecosystem and is recognized for its strategic mentorship, earning top ROI rankings for nurturing talented and innovative Web3 startups.

“We are fully committed to facilitating innovation within the budding AI-blockchain space, and our commitment to offering grants goes beyond simply monetary backing,” says Ilan Rakhmanov, CEO and Founder of ChainGPT. “As a startup that provides incubation and an IDO launchpad, we will also provide promotional support, technical guidance, and partnership opportunities for participants in our grant program. This initiative is designed to encourage the next wave of digital innovation by promoting shared learning that will pave the way for a more robust Web3 space, where AI and blockchain will unlock new possibilities and redefine what is possible in the digital domain.”

About ChainGPT:

ChainGPT is the leading provider of AI-powered infrastructure for crypto, blockchain, and Web3. From a next-generation IDO launchpad and incubator to automated smart contract generation and auditing as well as an advanced Web3 AI chatbot to AI-powered news aggregation, an AI training assistant, cross-chain swap, and an NFT generator, ChainGPT is a sophisticated, end-to-end solution for AI Web3 infrastructure. By integrating large language models (LLM) with blockchain, the company builds advanced, accessible, and user-friendly tools for all users. Further solidifying its position at the forefront of technological innovation, ChainGPT has established strategic partnerships and received recognition from notable tech leaders such as Google, Nvidia, BNBChain, and Chainlink. ChainGPT aims to advance the use of AI within the blockchain space.

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