Amid Financial Fluctuations Chainlink & Stellar Watchers Keep Eyes on DeeStream with Open Presales

The volatility of the crypto market is one reason for waning investor interest. As renowned projects like Chainlink and Stellar decline, their investors are turning to a new promising project.

Deestream’s ecosystem and presale are promising maximized gains for crypto investors in the DeFi market. This new project aims to transform the DeFi market with its streaming features. Keep reading to discover more about DeeStream and why it is gaining investor attention.

Chainlink Projected For Growth Due to New ETF Launch Prediction

Analysts who track blockchain trends have predicted the launch of a Chainlink ETF. Many crypto projects on the market are starting to venture into the world of blockchain ETFs and real world asset tokenization. By launching its ETF, Chainlink could help the LINK tokens gain prominence in the tokenization arena.

ARK’s ETF collaborator, 21 Shares, presently has 693,639 LINK tokens in their possession. This will cater to ARK investors as it shows that the company has a pre-existing market for Chainlink.

To boost the growth of the Chainlink ecosystem, LINK tokens are used to compensate external data providers. This means that the ETFs of other cryptos can be secured through LINK rewards. By doing this, these providers introduce a fresh utility for Chainlink.  This demand for Chainlink could help increase its fluctuating market value.

Stellar Launches New Smart Contracts Platform to Aid Ecosystem Growth

The Stellar  Development Foundation has revealed its plans to integrate smart contracts on the Stellar network. This news came after the launch of Soroban smart contracts on the Stellar mainnet. After undergoing a 16 month testing phase on the testnet, smart contracts are now live on the Stellar mainnet.

The Stellar  Development Foundation also recently implemented a new Protocol 20 on its blockchain. Protocol 20 will allow smart contracts to operate freely. It will also ensure the gradual rollout of Stellar’s Soroban smart contract platform.

The Foundation expects that by doing this, a new phase of technological infrastructure will be launched on the Stellar network. Stellar investors are excited about Soroban’s launch. However, they are wary about how this could affect the XLM token’s value. This is why they are turning their attention to DeeStream.

DeeStream Aims for the Top of the DeFi Live Streaming

DeeStream is a new platform that is launching the crypto streaming sector. It champions decentralization by offering live-streaming features within an immersive environment in the crypto industry. DeeStream empowers content creators with both artistic freedom and financial independence.

DeeStream sets itself apart from platforms like Twitch and YouTube by guaranteeing fast earnings without charging any commission fees. DeeStream users enjoy decentralized governance which means they can actively contribute to the decision making processes in the DeeStream ecosystem. By doing this, user participation on the DeeStream platform is assured.

DeeStream’s second presale phase is live, where DST tokens are sold at a favorable price of $0.055 each. The presale is the best opportunity for interested investors to get exclusive platform perks. Experts have predicted that this presale could provide 100X gains, which is why it is attracting Chainlink and Stellar investors.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here.

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